Delivery Information

The Ayaan Products offers delivery of products on-time. However, we effort to provide the products on stated dispatch time which was given at departure. Anyhow, this will alter counting on the type of client’s order. Therefore, feel free to contact us. Our staff will solve your problem if there is any query about the date given.

The Ayaan Products has a wide range of quality items, all items are custom-made for clients, e.g., leather jackets and coats.

Order Details and Timing:

On our company’s product page had the complete detail telling that we will take 2 weeks to discharge any product for shipping. Nevertheless, we have a facility to deliver the products on certain dates (like a function, party, and wedding), you can always consult for any related query.

We had size guide option available on our product page to help to select the exact size for yourself. However, if you want to share more details you can email us after your order placement within 24 hours.

You can easily track your parcel on our courier services websites. It is important to notice that in any case might be your country’s customs can delay your product’s order sometimes. Our company always tries best to avoid these circumstances and always try to facilitate our important customers by solving these problems at any cost.

Dispatch Process

Our dispatch process consists of three main stages:

1- Payments

2- Production of custom-made leather goods and dispatching

3- Delivery

Please note that if there is a problem with your credit card or PayPal, this may be directly affected on delivery timings and can make delays as well.


Additionally, customers will receive a notification about their product via email when the order is sent which include the company’s name and the product tracking or serial number of order/parcel. Customers are creditworthy for package collection as a company has no role in this if you do not receive the parcel on time.